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Get healthy With the urban girl wellness 14-Day Fresh start Program #Giveaway

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we all want our children to be pleased and healthy. Making sure we have nutritious snacks for our kids, get them to their doctor’s appointments and providing plenty of opportunities for them to become physically active is essential to many moms. While we are busy taking care of everyone else in some cases we forget about who is the most important; my sami.

Maintaining a healthy balance in our own lives gives us the energy we need to keep up with the kids, our husbands, work and the home.  But, like you I know what it is like to just get so busy and wrapped up with responsibility to the point where my own health and well-being gets placed on the back burner.  Does this sound familiar?

Are you unhappy with your current weight?Do you feel exhausted and worn out every day?Has it been a while because you went to your doctor?Do you find yourself continuously eating “junk?”Are you so busy that you just can not make time in your schedule for physical activity?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions I invite you to participate in the 14 Day Fresh start Nutrition Program from urban girl Wellness. It is time to get up off of your butt and get healthy.

With this program you will learn the exact steps to cutting carb and sugar cravings, choosing the healthiest, best tasting foods and recipes that fill you up and make you feel great. Plus, get an in depth analysis of your health and a suggested lifestyle program to fit your health issues and needs.

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The 14 Day Fresh start Nutrition Program includes:

5 Day RESET Detox & Cleanse (5 full days of food, no stimulants, no hunger)

14-Days of urban girl Nutrition Content, delivered everyday to your inbox through videos, handouts,shopping lists, recipes and action steps

After the RESET, 9-day supply of healthy, delicious breakfast smoothies

After the RESET, 14-day supply of yummy nutrition bar snacks

In total, that’s 24 meal replacement smoothies and 24 snacks included in the cost of the program!

Access to the urban girl Nutrition online Forum for support and to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation

14 video trainings to instruct you the in’s and out’s of proper Nutrition 101

Shopping lists & recipes that you can personalize towards your tastes so you know exactly what to eat that’s both pleasurable and keeps you healthy.

Food charts, handouts, and tons of other resources to continue on with your healthy, slim and sexy self!

Lifetime access to all urban girl wellness bonuses and resources – You can repeat the program as numerous times as you want

Incredible totally free bonuses like exercise videos, ebooks, and bonus offer video trainings given by leading wellness industry experts – all included in the cost of the program!

To sign up for the program please visit: . When you sign up for the 14 Day Fresh start Program make sure you put “The healthy mothers Magazine” where it says “referred by.”

One lucky healthy mothers magazine reader can win the 14 Day Fresh start Nutrition Program for totally free ($250 value)!  All you need to do in purchase to enter is follow the urban girl wellness founder Paula Burton on Twitter, like urban girl wellness on Facebook, and leave us a comment at the end of this post.

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This contest ends on Wednesday July 11, 2012 at 8 am PST and is open to us residents only.

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For every entry including extra entries please leave a separate comment. Winners will be chosen randomly from tKomentuje i ma wysyłki, które otrzymuję. Konkurs kończy się 11 lipca 2012 r. O 8 rano PST i jest otwarty dla każdego w USA. Zostaw swój adres e -mail w komentarzach. Wszystkie komentarze bez adresów pocztowych zostaną zdyskwalifikowane.

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